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Essence of Ethereal

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise & wonderful
The great God made them all

17th Century Cecil Frances Alexander

Ethereal is a tribute to the master Designer, the one who has created everything and Martin Shaw captures the essence of our exsistence in above lines. He is the best architect, lighting consultant, service designer, landscaper, mason and by virtue of these facts the best designer

Ethereal came into existence in the summer of 2013. In a market flooded with ‘Google designers’ where there is virtually no connect with the reality of execution and client empathy, Ethereal stands out with a unique holistic approach. The company has the motto of Designing Happiness. We firmly believe in working with the promoters to transform their vision into reality. Interior designing is an art. There is nothing called a right design or a wrong design. We live in an age where every day countless opinions, Images, art forms and links are pushed across our screens. We live in a world where what we think is dictated by what others think or what others want you to think. In these extricating circumstances it becomes exceptionally difficult to develop something from ground zero. Transforming spaces is like giving birth to a baby. There is this untold pain which the promoter and designer go through in the process to create something which has never been seen by the world before. It is just the trust and hope that something beautiful is going to happen, which keeps the designer going at this stage.

Design is transformational. It has the ability to incubate inspiration and to deliver happiness. Design is no longer a matter of choice. It has been touching our lives since time immemorial. Organising, functionality and planning has been a part of human life. However these are exceptional times. As the human populace immerses itself in screens and wades through a plethora of information the figurative ‘My Space’ has become a rare commodity. We are with everyone yet with no one. The barriers of distance do not exist. The world has become ever smaller. The pressure on space has been such that privacy has become a prized virtue.

In these time we are attempting to build bridges and create longevity. We attempt to create something that transcends the generational gaps and stays relevant for a long long time. Our dope is faith, hope and trust. We work with you to create something unique. We attempt every single day to pay tribute to the Master Creator by trying to be Unique. We are Ethereal. We are on your side !

About Design Principal

Anita is a passionate designer, an individual who has her grounding firmly in processes and systems. She has a creative bent of mind where her creativity in designing spaces is married intricately to a systematic approach. She breaks the notion where the popular perception says that design has to be eccentric rather than systematic and that designing is more by chance than by design. Being from an Information Technology background helped her give substance to intrinsic thoughts that design is more complete for end user and society at large when a structured approach is followed.

Anita has had creative experiences at some of the best design schools in Florence, Milan, Barcelona and India. This combined with her grounding in some of the best IT companies laid the foundation for a very potent, uncanny and evolved design form which is unique in approach and expression.

Anita is wild at heart, pursues her dreams, is a stickler for details, bases her projects on research and brings in uniqueness to all her projects. An expert in marrying global design with local tastes and client requirements. Anita is a perfectionist in short, who brings in a lot of systems in her approach towards design.

Anita Pallial


I am Anita a full time Interior Designer who runs her own design firm by the name of ethereal consultants. I had the opportunity to undergo the summer course on Design Thinking and co creation. Being from an IT background I always thought of designing spaces via a structured process. I was told that this is simply not possible and designs are more by chance and skill rather than a process. This thought always hounded me (as to why can’t design have a structured approach) as I had seen very complex problems being solved during my stint with some of the best IT Companies via a systematic approach. I always thought of applying that methodology in my design. The course at IED reaffirmed my belief that IT and processes can be used to get better results and evolved solutions. It would benefit the end user greatly as well as the society at large. I would also minimize the margin of error and would correct he wrong approach of loading the client with a design to which he has no connect. Design works best when the stakeholders are involved. The course in Barcelona excited me and made me more aware of the complexity of design and approach to be taken in providing a more holistic solution

I started my career as an IT professional in 2001 but it took me 10 years to realize that my life’s calling was to be a designer.  I had to let go of an established and well-paying career with a big US multinational. I also realized to start I would need to set the foundations right. For two years then, each single day I woke up at 6 and studied with students 10-15 years younger to me in a design school. It was embarrassing, fulfilling and exhilarating at the same time. At the end of 2 years I knew I had done the right thing. It was just my will and passion which helped me survive initially.

I did my own house as a designer as my first project where I treated my husband as a client. It was quite easy post that. People started realizing the quality of my work and I went on to do some more residential projects. Then my first lucky break came along and I got a restaurant to design in Pune. It has been a wonderful journey post that. I however realized that it is easy to be complacent and get stuck. In quest for continuous improvement, I started doing summer schools. The first was at Florence, Italy (Retail Design) and second at Milan Last year (Hospitality design)

About Senior Design Associate

Mamta is a design professional with 3 years of experience. She has worked closely with design principal on most of the projects executed by Ethereal. Her self-discipline is exemplary. She has proved herself as a. Committed soldier for ethereal. Currently she is responsible for mentoring and working closely with Design Principal and Chief Process officer

Ms. Mamta Mundaye

Senior Design Associate